Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Here are some additions to our Observations of Small Town Living

  • We finally cleaned out the coins that have been collecting in the ash trays in our cars, along a can and jar in the house. We put the combined mass of coins into a zip lock bag and headed down to the bank. The bank’s coin counting machine is on the fritz and isn’t counting things accurately. The solution? The teller hands you a handfull of coin wrapping sleeves and sends you home to do it your self. No worries about your ability to count accurately, they just trust you.
  • Headed down to the local Radio Shack for a phone jack. The phone jack they didn’t have but they do sell hand made leather goods such as slippers, purses and other goodies. It’s a family owned store and the man wanted a Radio Shack and the woman wanted a leather goods store. In small town Idaho, I guess you can do that. While typing this I got a call from the guy at Radio Shack. He found a handful of the jacks I was looking for in back and will leave them up at the front desk for me to pick up. They’re only $2 because they’re not in the package. Now that’s service.
  • Got the bill from our ELECTRIC/GAS company. Here, they’re one in the same. For 2 weeks of service we were charged $36.67 which would be a whopping $73.34 for a month. I checked last month’s bill for Com-Ed: $209.41 and Ni-Gas averaged $78 for the last 12 months for total of 287.41. Okay, the cost of living just went down a few hundred dollars per month.

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