Socked with Snow

Today marks our first real snowfall. About 8-9 inches in about 14 hours. Reminds me of Chicago. It’s light snow but that still didn’t make shoveling the two car driveway very easy. My brother Ray in AZ wants me to say it’s “a dry snow” so he can tease the heck out of me. Not a chance.

There’s a mountain about a mile west of here. I can predict snowfall 20 minutes before it gets here based on when the mountain disappears in a cloud of white stuff.

Cost Of Living:

The cost of living just went down by another $50. Our healthcare provider charges less for folks who live here in Northern Idaho. I guess we live longer or cheaper or something. No complaints.
Observations of Small Town Living:

The snow plow edged off the curb while passing the driveway I’d just shoveled. The result is that there was no pile up of snow left at the end of the driveway in his wake. I don’t know what to say. Maybe I’m mistaken.

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