A short drive; An eagle, a moose and a horsy.

I was a bit bored yesterday and decided to go on a driving excursion. About 20 minutes from here I caught a glimpse of an eagle and then a moose. Mind you these images were taken from the highway. Please excuse the lower quality. Now that I know what to expect (yeah right) I’ll be a little more prepared to drive off the road into the snowbank to get better shots.

Eagle off I-95 12-7-06

Moose off I-95 12-7-06

And for my final shot of the day, I caught this horse in a meadow. At these higher elevations, clouds and fog are kind of a new phenomenon to me compared to back home. This cloud of fog was simply rising off the field in the back ground. A very pretty sight.

horse on farm off I-95 12-7-06

(Click the image for full size)

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