Idaho – The third fastest growing state!

Wow, our land is going to be worth millions if the latest trend continues. Idaho has experienced massive growth according to “CNN Money“. We’re going to be so wealthy we won’t know what to do with all the cash.

These are percentages from the report, the numbers never lie.
Arizone 3.58%
Nevada 3.54%
Idaho 2.6%
Texas 2.5%

So Idaho looks like a very popular destination and our land value is going to skyrocket. I’m so glad we go in early. When are you going to get here so that you can take advantage of the real estate boom and make millions of dollars? OK back to reality…

Now look at the actual numbers of new residents:
Idaho 37,098
Texas 579,275

According to real numbers that puts us at the 20th fastest growing state just behind …Minnesota. I hate statisticians.

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