Closing on construction loan tomorrow

Yes, it’s time to put our names and everything we’ve saved on the line. Tomorrow we head into the big city (6000 people) to the bank and sign our lives away. This will in turn get the wheels moving and the house will be scheduled for building. There’s much to do between now and the next few month. I’ve plotted out the driveway for the excavator and we have a good idea about where the house is going to go.

Not all is good news I’m afraid. I’m sure I’ll have a million similar stories but, “guess what?” The move in dates have been moved. We wanted the “cathedral” ceiling, not the “vaulted” ceiling – more designs, more engineering, more on site building. Now we’re talking August. Big surprise there! It’s early, Jenny and I are still strong and we haven’t begun to lose it yet. So, this one passes without much complaint.  You can imagine where this blog is going to go by the time June rolls around!

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