Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Spring Break Up! This isn’t some new fad involving half-dressed drunken teens sewing their oats in the warm southern climate while being filmed (this is a family blog after all). No, spring break up is a special time of the year when warmer whether causes the frozen ground to begin thawing out. Every native has a different way of explaining it here but to us city folks, the ground gets “mucky”. If it’s not paved, it’s mucky and filled with tons of little pot holes. If it is paved, it’s covering mucky soil below.It’s so mucky… “How Mucky Is It?”. Well, it’s so mucky that little road-crew gnomes come out and put up signs restricting road access to heavy vehicles.


Even on a local highway, the speed limit for trucks was reduced to 35 miles per hour so that they don’t tear up the roads. Many smaller roads, especially those that are un-paved are strictly off limits to trucks. Construction companies, timber companies and other like the one that is supposed to bring our house to our property that use large vehicles have to lay off workers until the restrictions are lifted. If you live in the mountains during break up, everyone knows it because your car is covered with a layer of brown muck. Back East you had to go find this much muck to play in. Here, it’s right out your back door.

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