KILLER PLANT on the loose – Feed me Seymour!

This sign says it all!


What could this be? A “DEADLY PLANT” and how could it be here killing everything in its path? This sign graces the local beach, warning everyone of the dangers of the monster called “milfoil”. I grew up in Illinois catching frogs in nearby ponds where milfoil was just part of the fauna. Here, the same plant appears to have taken on an almost mythical status. There are committees, Army Corps of Engineers, “experts” all working together to rid our waterways of this monster – basically a very invasive plant that takes over and pushes out native plants. Not to worry; it’s harmless to people.

Now, if you’re interested in getting rich, create a face cream, cereal, or an addictive drug using milfoil and North Idaho will pay you to take this plant off their hands. In the meantime, they’re probably spending a pretty penny on signs like this.

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