No really, we’re not disillusioned!

OK, here it is. Major industry belching out smoke 24/7 just three blocks from our (rental) house.


Actually, what you’re looking at is not what it appears. Sure, it’s a factory but it’s not belching out smoke. That’s steam. And if you like the smell of fresh-cut lumber, you’d like to have this factory near your home, too. This is the Lignetics plant of Sandpoint, Idaho ( It’s making wood pellets. In the process, we enjoy this industrial sized air-freshener as it makes the neighborhood smell like fresh cut pine.

It’s also close to our hearts because we plan on having a wood-burning pellet stove in our living room. Until we moved here, we’d never heard of such a beast. But here, many folks have them. They’re wood-burning heaters that stand alone or insert into fireplaces. We’re going to have one in our fireplace. They’re extremely efficient, automated (they feed themselves wood pellets), low cost and very low maintenance.

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