Stampedes of ORVs!

I finally figured out what ORVs were long after I’d past this sign while riding my ATV with a neighbor.

Stampede of ORVs

What in the world could these ORVs be and if they’re stampeding, am I in any danger? I knew that the ATV I was driving was probably an ORV but it took me a while to realize it meant “Off Road Vehicle”. Thankfully, I didn’t see any stampedes but the ORV I was on was pretty wild. What’s more, my ATV isn’t exactly an ORV because here in Idaho, you can license them for the street. Now I can ride it to the store or up mountain logging roads without getting into trouble.

Here’s a shot of the beast. Unlike Gritz, my ATV hadn’t earned a name yet but Beast is pretty close.


Here is the beast atop a large sand dune. It may look like a forest in the back ground but under that woodsy exterior is an ancient desert.

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