Progress is slow on the house

We’re just dying to move in. Trouble is, progress has just seemed slow. Some highlights though. We have a pump in our well and water is flowing into our 2000 gallon cistern. Lookie, here’s a picture!


Yes, it does look like a big hole with a spigot in it doesn’t it. And the drywall is going up. Here’s a shot of our living room that gives some perspective on how tall the ceiling is.


Once the drywall is taped upstairs (probably another week) we can start painting while they drywall downstairs. We’ve picked out our floor coverings. The deck is done but the railing is waiting for materials (special order custom stuff). That’s the current status.

Oh, one dream did come true. We were able to watch fireworks on the lake from our deck. We’ve been dreaming of that since November of last year.

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