Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

I guess this can happen anywhere. However, I’ve never seen it before. First, the horse in this picture has a mask on. Yepper, I’m from the big city and I can only guess that the mask is to protect the horse from sunlight or bugs. Second the horse has a little feathered friend on his back.

horse and bird

Again, I can only guess that

A) There’s a lot of good bugs to eat on the backs of horses. Who knew?
B) Birds know that horses with masks are fun to sit on. It gives them a sense of power.
C) The horse is in therapy for fear of birds. Without the mask the bird would chase the horse all around.

D) The bird is in therapy for fear of horses. With the mask the horse ignores the bird and thus helps the bird on it’s way to full recover.

E) The bird is playing “Guess Who??” with the horse.

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