Why Idaho?

Many have asked why we moved here. The answer is complex. But here’s a few hints from a recent ATV ride about 30 miles from our new house, plus another 20 miles on our ATVs.


At the top of a mountain called Roman Nose, there’s a 300 foot cliff. In this first picture, I’m sitting on the edge and in the second, you’re looking at a pristine lake below.

rn-02.jpg rn-04.jpg

In the third image, there’s a moose there if you look closely. And in the final shot, you’re looking off the top of the mountain once again.

If you can view this video file  video_00002.mp4 you’ll see my neighbor, Robert, riding his ATV across a river on the way home. This was shot from my phone so excuse the poor quality.

To have the priviledge to see God’s beauty up close and personal is one of many reasons we came here.

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