How’s The House?

You’ve probably noticed a lack of entries as of late regarding our house. It’s getting a bit challenging to talk about lately because, “Are you in your new house yet?” is the most common opener of conversation among anyone we know. Having to tell people “no” is getting old. Besides, while it’s progressing, it’s not as fast as one would want. So what else is new, we’re building a house! It’s supposed to be late. And I actually thought we’d be in weeks ago. Ha ha.

Anyway, here’s the status.

Internet, water (hot and cold), generator, paint, porch, sidewalk, slab for shed, dirt (that will grow grass, not all that common in these parts), stove, fridge, washer/dryer, many light fixtures – all done.

Still to come – install dishwasher, microwave, test furnace/heat pump, install carpet, install tile, and curtain rods, deck railings, (all the stuff I forgot goes here), packing up and moving in.

As a cost cutting measure and so that we could get the type of lighting we wanted, we chose to install all the lights fixtures in the house. What a job! One ceiling fan to go. Anyway, here’s a shot after installing that nice bathroom fixture you see featured. Look mom, I’m trapped in the mirror!


Here’s to other shots. The ceiling fan is the crowning glory of lights because it’s 20 feet up and was my first ceiling fan. The other is our deck lights at night.

ceiling fan deck at night

To save on the expense of councelling and marriage therapy we decided after two rooms to hire a painter – I’m sure it was cheaper this way too. Anyway, Earl and his lovely wife paint houses to support their missions trips helping folks who are less fortunate. Personally, I think most of the world is less fortunate than Earl who clearly has the joy of Christ in his life. You’ve never seen a man so happy to serve. We all have much to learn for Earl’s with regards to sacrificial giving.

I’ll have some pictures of the house to show soon. I’m waiting for the carpet to go in.

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