Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

The City Dump! Where we live there “ain’t no garbage pickup” (local speak). Instead you have to pack your cans into that handy trailer you bought 5 months ago for A) Your ATV; B) to help you move all your stuff into your new home; C) for taking your garbage to the city dump. Today the little trailer has proven it’s worth when Jenny said, “That trailer really has come in handy. The thing’s paid for itself already.”

Men, follow the ways of the master and your wife will endorse your purchase of toys. Soon, my plow arrives for the ATV and it TOO will “pay for itself”!
…I digress.

Anyway, we live 5 miles from the dump and we can take anything except “cement” (according to the attendant) up to 16 cubic yards of stuff. Welcome to small town living.

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