On Sept. 13th, we packed up our 14th trailer load of belongings and locked the door on our wonderful rental house and moved into our new home. I had my office hooked up and connected in a few hours and then we shut off all the lights in the house so we could see the amazing array of stars shining through the upper windows in our great room. It was an amazing event. Last night, Jenny saw a moose about 1/2 mile from our house and then this morning saw two dear cross our property. Cats probably didn’t sleep as they investigated every nook and cranny of their new digs. I went out and took this shot today which remind me, I have to plant grass.

the house on day one

We don’t know why God permitted us to come here and enjoy this area and this house, but it’s important that we give credit where credit is due. For many years during devotions together Jenny and I have been praying that if this wasn’t where God wanted us for some reason that he’s direct our path elsewhere. He didn’t. Whatever he has planned for us, we give him all the Glory.

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