Surpise Guests Come For a Family Visit

While tossing a stink-bug out the front door I was shocked to find that we had visitors. To my amazement a moose was standing about 25 feet from our front door. It was huge. I called Jenny over to see as I ran to grab the camera and headed for the deck to get better vantage point for a picture. I was stopped in my tracks as I passed the deck window only to discover that the first moose was the baby! Here’s a picture of Momma standing in front of our 10 ft. deck.

Momma moose.

I gasped and called Jenny to the window. Ten feet from us was a full size cow (that’s what they’re called ya know? I talk like I know what I’m talking about). Upon realizing that we were gawking, momma and baby scampered off.

momma and baby
(Click picture for full size image)

Wow. After the adrenalin rush was over we just looked at each picture to make sure it really happened. And then we looked again just to make sure. I couldn’t wait to head down to my office and upload these images to my blog.

While writing I heard the “ruff…ruff” of a dog outside my window. I didn’t think much of it as the neighbors’ dogs frequent our property and are welcomed guests. Soon, I saw the source of the noise. Now though, rather than looking down over the deck, I was looking up at full-grown bull-moose parading by my sliding glass door. He was huge and beautiful. Thankfully, I was protected by the 1/8th inch pane of glass as he looked in. Sorry for not getting a picture but I figured it was best not to move…or breath.

The “ruff…ruff” noise he was making was similar to me when I call Jenny by her nick-name. I guess mom’s nick-name is Ruff.

Anyway, here a picture of papa after he moved on. His head is down but he’s not eating. I’m quite certain that he’s sniffing because he is following Ruff and baby’s footsteps almost exactly.

(Click picture for full size image)

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