Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Chains Is Good! To move a fallen tree or  a bunch of trees you use a 4 wheel drive vehicle and some large-heavy chains. I’ve seen these chains in Illinois. My brother Ray used them in the towing business. But never before and never since. After learning how useful these chains were I couldn’t wait to go buy one. I’d convinced Jenny that we needed one for moving trees. She thought it was a waste but said fine.


Today’s observation comes from the experience of being a little more “self-reliant” out here in nowhere. Calling the fire department would require us to wait at least 25 minutes before the first truck could arrive. Calling a tow truck, good luck. I’ve pulled my ATV out of the snow a half a dozen times already. Yesterday, Jenny misjudged the turn out of our driveway and got her car stuck in a snow bank. She said she was “wiping the fog from the window and couldn’t see”, sure. In Illinois, you call a friend or neighbor to dig you out. Here, it’s a little difficult to call a neighbor who’s a quarter of a mile down the road. But with Gritz (my car) and my new chain we had her out in a jiffy. I didn’t even have to cuss. Saved about $50 in towing costs too. Which just so happens to be enough money to pay for another chain and have money to spare! I can’t wait to tell Jenny.

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