The National Guard Arrives to Help with Snow Removal

Even back in Illinois they’re having a banner year of snow but it’s not often that a state of emergency is declared and the National Guard is called in to dig communities out. We’ve had over 100 inches of snow since December 1, with about 45 more days of snow season to go. Not since 1914 has this area seen so much snow. The last record was 1996 with 118 inches but the paper said we blew past that.

I waited out into our yard to get this shot. I’m hip deep in snow and too exhausted to get to the lower part of the yard.

House in snow

Our yard is a winter wonderland


Here’s a shot out our bedroom window.


Several roofs have collapsed under the weight of the snow. The remedy is a “roof rake” that drags the snow off the roof from the ground. People everywhere are shoveling and raking snow off their roofs. I’m just getting started in this shot


When we are lucky enough to get some sunlight, it’s breath taking.


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