Cost justification of necessary pieces of equipment

The secret men-only rule book specifically states that “if you can justify it, it can be yours.” So much for secrets. In the spirit of having expensive toys… I mean cost justification of necessary pieces of equipment, I submit the following.

The ATV (AKA The Beast), while not new, is required to transport several tons (literally) of lumber and slash to the proper location on the property for  disposal (I used that word to hide the fact that, here in North Idaho, you simply burn it in a massive bonfire).

The trailer purchases for transporting the ATV, move all of our belongings in 13 trips from one home to another and finally, a lumber hauler.

The new 18″ chainsaw is to a person living on 5 acres of forest land, the equivalent of a hedge trimmer to a suburbanite. I mean, what would the neighbors say if they saw an unkept forest?! Nothing you idiot, this is North Idaho; But don’t tell my wife.

Now all we need is a dry day with rain in the forecast. Then we can justify the lighting all this wood and slash on FIRE! Yeah Baby! North Idaho isn’t heaven, but it’s darn close.

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