Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Today we take a look at classifieds in our rural community. Where I grew up, there were missing dogs and lost wedding rings and such. But never anything like this.


Coins, keys, an occasional sock. All things we lose. Under the bed, between the cushions, under the car seat. The places we find things. Anything weighing 500+ pounds is difficult or impossible to “lose” where I grew up.


Now you know the mark of a friend in Northern Idaho. In the back yard of my youth is a little place set aside for my two white mice, a frog, some hamsters, and maybe a lizard that met their demise. All topped off with little ice-cream stick crosses that have long since gone away. Imagine buying this guy’s house and thinking, my the plants in the garden sure grow like crazy in that one soft spot.

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