God IS the Easter Bunny…

What is the common thread between “public schools”, “seeker driven churches” and “bunny rabbits”? Answer: Carrots.

What touched this off was schools in Chicago are giving away cars to kids just for good attendance, NOT GOOD GRADES. Attendance equals money for the schools, where as, grades? Not so much. They have to resort to incentives for the most base requirements. Very sad.

Not to be out done, I did a little research on churches. After all, who wants to hear that they have fallen short of the mark and they’d need to rely solely on the work of God to get to heaven? Why not get a little piece of heaven right here on earth? Here’s a list:

Jenny and I are going to the wrong church. They don’t even give us coffee. All they do is preach the Gospel, as if that’s what people really need.

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