Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Jenny and I have taken up playing a little tennis. Look, here are pictures of us with our new rackets.

thomas tennisjenny tennis

Today, we expected to have to compete for tennis courts because in the park just beyond the trees is a concert by the Spokane Symphony Orchestra that 1000+ people have paid $35 per ticket to enjoy. As you can see, the courts are empty. In fact, so is the park where you can sit and enjoy the music for free.

tennis courts(Click image to enlarge)

We did our best to make the best of it. We brought a cooler, liquid refreshment, cheese and crackers and after tennis, enjoyed a wonderful concert in the park practically all alone.

jenny in part (Click image to enlarge)

Some observations: No cops roaming the crowd searching for drugs, alcohol, and breaking up fights. No need for guys holding up signs asking people to be quiet (ala Ravinia near Chicago. Here’s the best example I could find: http://mythermos.com/uploads/pic-0020-20080714154639.jpg ). No worries about or having to camp out the day before to find a good seat. We weren’t cramped and didn’t have to rub up against sweaty strangers all night. Parking is always free. It’s different here.

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