Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

This marks our second visit to the county fair; Making it a full fledged tradition.


I observed something disturbingly different this year.  Last year, we attended before the judging of the animals was complete. My observation then was how clean the cows, sheep, pigs, goats, etc. were kept. This year however, we attended the last day of the fair which is the day AFTER the awards were given out and the animals were sold at the fair. Mind you, the buyers of cows are not buying pets. I realize this. Which is why Jenny and I can never own a cow. Anyway, it appears that the gnomes that kept the animals to be sold so perfectly clean were no a little lazy the day after the sale. Let’s just say that cows can make a pretty big mess if left alone for a day. Sorry, no picture except for the cute bunny above.

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