The Milwaukee Road … in Idaho?

The Hiawatha trail is yet another bankrupt railroad turned bike path in it’s second life. Jenny and I road it this weekend and made a very interesting discovery. This is the very railroad that Thomas commuted into Chicago Union Station when he worked in the Sears Tower. Note the logos on this sign that tells the history of the Hiawatha.

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Some of the features that the Hiawatha trail is noted for are the very high trestles and many tunnels. The longest tunnel is almost 2 miles long. Here’s Jenny in front of it. The lights you see are “not” the other end, they’re simply flashlights of oncoming bikers. The second image is her on a trestle. (Side note: The bike is Jenny’s new toy bought for $25 at a police auction)

hiawatha-00.jpg hiawatha-01.jpg

The trestle are dizzying in heights as shown in this shot. That’s my foot at the bottom.


Here’s a shot across the valley at some testles we’ll be riding across later on our ride. As you can see the landscape is magnificent. The second shot is of a little friend we made along the way.

hiawatha-05.jpg hiawatha-02.jpg
(The secret to our success is that the entire ride is down hill. All 14 miles. I think I peddled a total of one mile. We then caught a shuttle back up to our car.)

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