Turkeys aren’t what they used to be

Turkeys aren’t what they used to be. When I was growing up, dad and other hunters had stories about turkeys being a very challenging animal to shoot. There was almost a mystique surrounding the idea of seeing a wild turkey. Not so with the “Sevens”. That’s the last name of the turkey family that has taken up residence on or near our property. We named them that a few months ago when a momma turkey and seven little ones began roaming our property foraging for food. Over the last few months the little puffs have grown into rather large beastly ravenous creatures. We now see them about twice a day. They have a particular appreciation for clover. In exchange for pooping on our walkway, they do a great job of clearing out all the clover that has grown up between the rocks that decorate part of our yard. It’s clear that Thanksgiving is in November right about the time when Turkeys are full grown. We’re not sure if they’ll survive Thanksgiving, or even the winter, but we’ll be watching.


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