Our first landscaping project

17 Years! That’s how long we lived in a townhouse. And as everyone knows, you don’t get to do stuff to your yard that might “disrupt the harmony of the neighborhood” (A phrase I remember well as President of our town home association). But here, anything goes. If you want to rip up your yard and put in a little walkway, fine. If you want to take two months to finish, fine. Thankfully, I haven’t left any engine blocks in my yard yet. As our first official landscaping project, we needed a walkway to our back door. Digging the trench took a long time because I had to do it with a pick ax because of all the rocks that hide just beneath the surface (these are the rocky mountains after all). We bought the bricks on line and got over twice what we needed for $100 less than retail. So, with the left overs, we’ll be making a circular fire pit next spring along with several other projects.


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