Peeping Mooses are Baaaaack!

Friday afternoons are usually fairly lazy around the Leo house (as are all days). So we decided naps were in order. I was woken up by a small sound outside. I rolled over to look out the sliding glass door (4 feet from our bed) only to see a full grown moose about 1 foot from the window looking in. YIKES! “Jenny,” I whispered in an urgent voice, “Look out the window.” Jenny gasped and started sliding out the other side of the bed and I followed closely behind. We scrambled for safety in the closest door to the bed… So, here we are crawling into the closet when the moose started walking away (probably laughing). She was followed by a very young (only 6 feet tall) baby moose. Maybe she was just a proud momma showing off her newborn to the neighbors. Someone is going to have to teach her some manners.

Here’s momma coming around the house. Mind you the floor of the porch is 9 feet off the ground.


I got a shot of baby from our guest bedroom window.


Here’s a shot of them in the yard. Baby is on the ground and momma is playing hide-and-seek with the cameraman.


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