Micro Loans Make a Big Difference

Kiva.org is an organization that loans money in small amounts to very small businesses around the world. The money gets paid back so you can loan it to the next small businesses own. I have a heart for small business owners (being one myself), and a heart for people trying to gain independence in third world countries. Kiva aggregates several donations together with mine to fulfill the loan and so that nobody is risking very much money. $25 is the amount I typically loan out.

Here’s some folks who have been helped so far:

Renaldy works renting computers because she couldn’t find a job, so she decided to invest her small savings and a loan in this business, which contributes to supporting her family.One of her goals is to improve his locale’s conditions, buying a photocopier machine to offer a larger variety of services to her customers, who come to her business in search of those services.


Felix Alonso Ramirez started working at a very young age in a service station where he stayed for 15 years. His wife worked as a school teacher. With the passage of time Felix was tired of being an employee and decided to start his own business. He bought a mini bus and he works as the driver. His wife is now retired. Felix is married and has three daughters. He is so proud to have provided his daughters with a good education because today all three are excellent professionals. He also provided them with comfort and was able to fulfill all their necessities.

Komi Assidzu is 35 years old and a married father. He lives and works in the village of Wome, a small village located in a beautiful, lush area of Togo near the border with Ghana. Komi’s children all attend school, and he provides for them as best he can, while his wife takes care of the family and their home. As most people do not drive cars in Wome and instead drive motorcycles, Komi started a mechanical business.
I’d like to encourage anyone reading this to consider getting involved in the lives of people who need a small leg up. It’s a loan, not a gift and not welfare. http://kiva.org

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