Raking Snow?

December brought a record snow to the area with 60+ inches falling in one month. Thankfully, it was very cold and so, all the snow was light and fluffy.Still with this much snow, there have been several roofs in the area that collapsed. Ours would only be in danger if we got a heavy snowfall or heaven forbid rain which was in the forcast. The snow would soak up the water like a spunge. Many folks in the Northwest participated in the ritual of raking the snow off of their roofs. This included the Leo household. After untold amounts of money on experimental roof-rake poles, I think I found a good solution this year. Here’s a shot that shows the depth of the snow that needed to come off the roof and then another from the yard.


You might notice the garbage cans on the front porch. This is due to the almost impossible task of retrieving them from the back porch in winter. I just gave up and put them in front. Nobody visits in winter anyway.


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