February 1 thru March 18 — NOTHING HAPPENED

I wish I had things to report but to be perfectly frank, we were just going through the day to day watching snow melt. OK, maybe a few highlights:

Jenny got a high profile project from a publisher. The author (Joel Rosenberg) specifically requested her assistance with a study guide for his latest book. And another publisher recently sent her a new editing project. In these difficult economic times, these are really helpful.

The hosting business is being hit by the economy as well. We both welcome prayer in this area to make the right choices with our money.

I continue to chair our sports program at church. Many kids here are home schooled and the sports teams (soccer, basketball, volleyball) is not only for credit but also a lot of fun to watch on winter days. Go Thunder!
I was nominated to join the board at the Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp here in town. I hope that being involved in camp once again will be as fun and rewarding as it was when I was serving at Christian Family Camp in high school.

Look even Lucy is bored.


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