Signs of Spring

This is cool. Yesterday, we got our first confirmation of spring. Here’s a picture of what it looks like in our yard:


Snow is finally clearing, sure, but the amazing thing is not what you can see, but what you can hear. Somewhere out there in the yard is a frog croaking. It’s 40 degrees out there and you can hear a very cold but clear croaking. I found this amazing since there’s 8 inches of snow in some places. The sound is coming from below the tree in the middle where the snow as cleared.

Below is a picture of a “bird house”. Some, including the manufacturer, would call it a purple martin house. However, in my zeal to benefit from a great deal over the internet, I didn’t realize that purple martins don’t migrate here. Doh! I also didn’t realize that this wonderful “bird house” comes unassembled and has a million parts. Doh! Hopefully by the time you come to visit us (Hint!), we’ll have it up in the yard.

Click image to enlarged view of our new “bird house”

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