ENEMY #1 — Bambi

Here’s a shot of the beast that broke the heart of dear-sweet Jenny.


Yes, this monster has crossed the line and hurt my wife. How? Many moons ago, before the snow began to fall (which seems like 5 years ago), Jenny was out planting flower bulbs and dreaming of the day they would sprout in the springtime. Her favorite flowers are tulips and sure enough, spring came and from the earth dug with her little hands appeared the fruit of her labor. Each day we’d enjoy these new little plants as they grew to 4 inches tall. Then the vagrant came! In the dark of night, while only God was watching with tears welling up in his eyes, the beast systematically devoured each helpless little plant, ripping them from the earth as their tiny roots tried to resist this relentless creature. The end was surely slow and painful.

The day after, I discovered the crime scene and my heart sank for I knew that poor Jenny would be be hurt by this monster. The news stunned her.

Jenny would like a 12-gauge for Christmas, if not sooner… much sooner.

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