Buying bricks over the internet…

It always amazes me what people can buy on the internet. Now I have my own story about buying bricks, of all things, over the internet. We needed a walk-way around to the back door and I estimated that we would need 450 brick pavers. I had been checking prices at local hardware stores and was almost ready to buy when I found and ad on Craigslist. A local mason was selling bricks for much less than retail. With the help of a good friend moving them, we were able to buy 1100 bricks for $100 less than what I would have paid for 450 bricks at the store.

Last year’s project was the walkway. And this year project was a fire-pit that I’d been dreaming of. If you’re coming out this year, I’m happy to report that our fire pit is finally finished. Which really means I won’t be asking you to help with it.


Here’s a different shot showing the stairs. Click the image to enlarge:


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