The Snake Pit!

“Who the hell are you?” was the first thing a stranger said to me as I stood by the door of the Snake Pit restaurant and bar. Approaching me was a short, stout woman who looked to be about 75. I explained that Jenny was a freelance writer and I a freelance photographer for Northern Reach magazine. We were doing a story on The Snake Pit.


There’s a mountain of history here going back to the 1800s. In short, it was a brothel, bar, restaurant, movie set with murders, suicide, and favorite hang out for railroaders, miners, loggers and now US. I think in it’s day, it was a really rough place to visit. Today however, we’re here to learn about the charm of place, visit with Joe, the owner, take pictures and Jenny’s going to write a story about the place.

And the old lady, you’d think we were best friends from that point forward. Blossom, as she’s called, began talking and didn’t stop for an hour. We learned a lot about the place, and about the town, the valley, the history…prostitutes, education, astronauts, marriage, quilt making and much much more. Honestly, I loved it and her for taking the time to talk to us. Blossom was a total sweat heart and by the end we hugged before she had to outside to visit with friends.

So, how’s the food? Jenny and I ordered the BBQ Special for two which includes the salad bar, baked potato and a plate full of BBQ meat — chicken, riblets, ribs, sausage, & shredded pork. There was so much that Jenny and I couldn’t finish. If you know me, this was a historical event. The same meal in town would have been $60. We stole the food and drinks for $38 which includes the tip. It’s an hour drive but if you’re ever visiting us, please ask us to take you there.


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