Skipper, Scamper, Loui, Schmoozer, Chipper, Chippet, Peep, Squeek…

They go by many names and the names. The names are pretty much interchangeable among most of the creatures in our yard. This flexibility will benefit us greatly when we’re really old and senile and can’t remember who is who. Oh darn, I think that happened already. No matter, I won’t remember writing this in about 15 minutes. It’s probably time to start putting labels on everything. Like, “PHONE and CAT and WIFE”. Anyway, here’s Friedrick (according to Jenny). For those back in Illinois, this is a full grown squirrel (I’m not sure of the brand name!), they appear to be about 1/2/ the size, less fat and don’t have the bushy tails of gray squirrels.



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