The Sergeants come for a visit

It was a great day when the Howard, Diane, and Seth stepped off the Amtrak train at around midnight. They were kind enough to stop for a day on their way to catch a cruise to Alaska on the coast. We had a great 24 hr visit that went buy instantly before we put them back on their way.

Jenny and Diane went shopping, while Howard and Seth road to the top of a mountain. Then dinner in Coeur d’Alene (Thank you for the treat Sergeants!), a walk on the worlds longest floating pier to look at boats worth 2 and 3 times the value of our house, and back for visits around the campfire. It was quite a day.

Howard and Seth road “Cammie” the Rhino

Click this image to see full shot of view from the mountain

If you’re ever in the area, even for a day, please don’t hesitate to let us know. There’s a lot to see and we’d love to share.

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