Another perspective – Jonah and the whale

We’re studying Jonah and the whale (biblical fundamentalists would rather I said “big fish,” but I digress). And while our pastor does a great job communicating God’s word, my mind sometimes wonders off. While Jim communicates in words, my mind tends to visualize what he’s saying. Sometimes adding it’s own perspective. Here are a few examples of doodles I made in church during a lapse of proper behavior.

When the sailors threw Jonah overboard into the stormy waters, my mind went to the persepective of the fish that the Lord instructed to swallow a human whole, swim around with him in it’s stomach, only to vomit him back up in three days. What must the fish have been thinking at the time?


The next week Jim described, in elicit detail the gastronomic experience of Jonah in the stomach of a fish for three days. However, I wondered what the fish would have to say when it grew up to be a teacher in a school of fish.


I really don’t make a habit of drawing cartoons in church. But when the sermon goes visual, I can’t help but visualizing.

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