Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Lumberjack as a career! Much of the economy here is supported by the lumber industry. I’ve seen several signs on restaurants, houses, and bumpers that read something to the effect of, “This (restaurant, house, car) supported by lumber.” With the housing market in the tank, the lumber mills are laying people off, cutting hours and shuttering their doors. There are some bright spots and a lot for city folks to learn about those forests they say they’re protecting.
I thought this shot of John (right) and Noah (left) Kinne earned a place here as they look out from the top of Hoodoo mountain.


Click the image to see the full shot.
John is a professional lumber jack who runs a small operation with his son. John has been up this mountain many times before. With Noah on his ATV and John and I in the Rhino we had quite a bit of time to chat on the 50 mile journey. It wasn’t long before he was educating me on forest management from planting a forest to preserving the best genetic lines of trees when clear cutting. I learned a lot about how perserving the forest and cutting down trees are very compatible when it’s done right.

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