Killarney, MB, Canada

Jenny and I had the chance to visit her mom and dad in their summer home in Canada. It’s a beautiful house lovingly restored.


This is the only place I’ve seen wild pelicans.


Myth Busting: Manitoba is flat. Most people think of Manitoba as flat. Here’s a shot heading North from their house. We’re on a slight hill and you can see for about 5 miles.

img_0734.jpg(click to enlarge)
Ah, but people never take into account “The Turtle Mountain Range”. This famous “mountain range” stretches into North Dakota. Today we shall dispense with the myth that southern Manitoba and North Dakota are flat. Here is a first hand picture of the actual Turtle Mountain range.


Lest you think that my vantage point is on the mountain and that the real top of the mountain is on the right of this image, I want to clarify that the camera was tilted when taking this picture. Sorry.

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