Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Store Choices and Bridal Registries.Ya take what you can get sometimes. Compromises are made. And while some would disagree (me for example) that the fact that this bridal registry sign in at a Home Hardware store, it’s interesting how many people are on the list. (click image to enlarge)


We found this in Killarney, MB but it reminded me that the nearest store that most people think of when they think “bridal registry” is 25 miles away.

Sure, we have JCPenney, Sears and others but the national names near here are still 15 miles away and they’re “compromised.” For example:
* JCPenney: only sells clothes and the selection is nowhere near that of a store in a bigger city.
* Sears: only sells tractors, hardware, yard furniture, and appliances.
Together, the local JCPenney plus Sears make up a relatively complete store with a smaller than usual selection.

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