Ken, Sue, Joey, Kimmy… Insanity!

Thursday, July 23, they arrived by train. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday were a blur of trains, ATV riding, Huckleberry picking, Sushi, model railroad, Museum train ride, horse back riding, beach, church, and very little sleep. I’m sure I forgot half of it. All in a normal vacation for Ken and family.


In the last image, you’ll see a man who has lived in the area for many years. His name is Jesse and we stopped by his house to see his model railroad.See next post.

And what trip to Idaho would be compete without a moose. On the last day, Kimmy and Ken got to see their first moose. The images below were taken of the moose shaped road block that prevented Ken and I from getting home.

Click above image to enlarge

The ends.

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