Observations of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Greetings now go away or die. Sometimes, you can’t exactly choose your neighbors. Especially when you know nothing about them before you laid down money for your dream home. Hospitality comes in many forms. For Jenny and I, we feel blessed to be able to live in this area and want nothing more than to share our home with friends, family and anyone who happens along. So, when the Mormon missionaries came around, we (well actually I) welcomed them in. Jenny is not much for the verbal sparing that I so enjoy. And yes, they actually found their way up the mountain to our door. I’m impressed.

As much as we might want to agree on some pivotal theological issues, we simply have to agree to disagree and hope that the other party changes their mind before they end up in hell (yes, we cordially agree on that point). And after we were done chatting and studying scriptures, I invited them out on their day off for a game of Frisbee golf.  We all just played for the fun of it. And fun we had. I’m sure we’ll get back to theology soon too. I personally enjoy learning from people who are kind enough and patient enough to teach even though we’re not going to agree.

Our neighbors apparently don’t have the gift of hospitality. Nope. Not one whit. Nor do they have one whit apparently.  During the game, the Mormon fellows told me that our neighbor came out the door with a shotgun when they approached. Having met all involved, I can only hope that the gun wasn’t loaded even though our neighbor probably was. I feel kind of sorry for her. You don’t pull out a gun and point it at perfect strangers (clean cut guys in their 20s, wearing white shirts, black pants and ties), unless you’re very afraid of something that has nothing to do with these visitors. Sad.

This is not the first time I’ve heard of someone being met with a gun up here in Idaho. A friend was tracking down his cow in his neighbor’s yard (yep, that’s a story unto itself) when his neighbor came around the house with a gun in hand.

Thankfully, I find the idiots are in the minority. And shootings by strangers are rare.

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