New Company Launch

Earlier this month we finished negotiations to take on 120 new web hosting accounts from a competing company. On 10/23/09 we launched a new company — is on the air.


The process began earlier this months with a lot of prayer, preparation, planning, learning, research, more learning, over 500 emails, and a lot of patient consultant holding my hand.  All culminating in a make it or break it move of all 120 websites, hundreds of email accounts, databases, and accounts to our new servers. At the end of the day I wrote a letter to a friend explaining how it went. I’ve saved this excerpt for myself to review as we’re planning on migrating about 100 clients to this new server by year’s end.

I can’t say is wasn’t without stress. (major understatement)

I got up around 3:30 A.M. (I over slept. set the timer for PM instead of AM). It was a tsunami from that point onward. At some point around 6:00 Jenny brought in a cup of coffee because I hadn’t left my chair except for bathroom breaks which I spent on the phone (don’t tell my clients) or praying (don’t tell God). I looked up a the clock to see what time it was already 9:00. It seemed like a short while later and it was lunch at 1:00 at my desk while on the phone fielding question. Things began to slow down around 3:00 P.M. and the 11 hour fire fight was coming to an end. It was a good thing because I really began to wear down and could hardly type at one point. Catnap failed, couldn’t sleep. Back to work after a few minutes. I took my shower at 5:15 PM. It was an emotionally challenging day.

God is Great. He gets the glory for the many victories of the day. I logged about 30 phone calls with clients, umteen other calls with consultants, service providers, and the seller. Dozens of emails. And was able to crank out a newsletter informing clients of the solutions to common problems that I’d seen all day.

So many prayers were answered today:

  • Prayers were raised when I was too busy to breath. Thank you!
  • The consultants hired came through 100% and helped me solve problems. Many of which I could not have figured out at all.
  • The seller came through answer questions about clients and dealing with clients who couldn’t get through to me.
  • The server is a real champ.
  • Several service providers were able to field problems and help out.
  • Jenny, the love of my life, kept the household glued together while I hunkered down.
  • Clients were gracious even though they were frustrated at times. One of my clients had ocean liners waiting for me to fix email so they could unload cargo. I was schooled in the importance of email by this guy. Ouch. Yeah, tell the guy who’s livelihood depends on the internet how important email is.
  • I confess, I lost my cool at least twice but thankfully it wasn’t at a client. Darn computers.

Well, I now have 120 new clients. is on the air.

Thank you for thinking of me. Thanks again for the prayers. They were answered.

I think I’ll post this on my blog. But first, I think sleep. The adrenaline is wearing offffffffffffffffff.


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