We ran away with friends to Leavenworth Washington. Leavenworth is a Bavarian style town where you go to:

  1. Make your bride feel loved because of the following items in this list
  2. Smell potpourri and incense as every store attempts to appeal to your appreciation for the smell of somewhere other than the store. That is except for the cheese store. It smelled like a cheese store, or feet, depending on your perspective.
  3. Buy anything related to Christmas from every perspective — including the dog’s.
  4. Buy lovely Bavarian baked goods…unless you go on Tuesday or Wednesday when the baker that sells fresh-mouth-watering-hand-made soft-pretzels is closed. I suggested giving them a brick through their window. Humbug.
  5. Buy gifts for those hard to buy people. Like my father in-law who is getting a great …. sorry dad, I can’t spoil the surprise.
  6. EAT. Eat well. Eat really good food. Eat lots of it. Kinda makes it all worth while. (wow, I just noticed my spell check didn’t flag the word “Kinda”. Don’t tell my wife or she’ll format the hard drive)

I didn’t get many pictures but did manage to get an amazing cast of sunlight on the mountains in the morning.


And on the way home, we caught this picture of a goose drawn carriage. Umm, I don’t know.


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