11/19/09 First Substantial Snow – 12/6/09 Power Outage

We had our first substantial snow on Nov. 19th. It was melted a day or two later.(click below to enlarge image)


Today is December 6th and there’s hardly any snow on the ground. The temps are dropping into the teens. Today was about the coldest day this season, hitting the low teens. At church a friend of ours told Jenny that she doesn’t like the cold temps because the power tends to go out when the temp gets this low. I have no idea about the science behind that statement but true to form the electricity went out for 30-seconds. Well, for most people it was 3 hours, but the generator kicked in and the house quickly came back to life. The generator isn’t powerful enough for the electric furnace but the pellet stove worked like a champ.

Last week the pellet stove was down for repairs.  We have much to be thankful for.

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