Mooselet Again

Mooselet! That’s her name now. My guess is that she’ll be two this spring. We’ve seen her hanging around the neighborhood. Her mom was “harvested” (oh, nice way to say a hunter killed her) last year. Fortunately, Mooselet seems to be just fine. I caught these shots at the end of our street. She’s munching the twigs off the ends of bushes.


You’ve probably never looked at a moose head on like this before.

A little moose joke.
click the picture below.


OH MY GOSH, SHE BROKE HER LEG, LOOK! OH gross, it’s sticking out. Look at her face. She’s in agony! She must have been hit by a car. Look closely and you’ll see her front leg is twisted up and broken too. It’s terrible.


Um, no. She’s just sitting down.  She’s perfectly fine after eating a bush full of twigs. Mooses are built funny. And they’re quite funny creatures to look at… from afar.

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