Afternoon Tea with Thomas & Jenny

One of Jenny’s upcoming magazine articles is about a tea house in Eastern Washington. Whenever she gets a job like this I get to tag along and take pictures for the article. I never know what I’m getting myself into. On this trip the proprietor of the Foxwood Tea house gave us a complimentary afternoon tea. It was very dainty. Now I can say I did that. I’m not saying it wasn’t enjoyable, just not something I’ll do very often… like scrap-booking, going to stamping parties, or Scentsy parties (Scentsy = melt candle wax over a nightlight and you get the idea. Candles without flame). I digress.

Here is one of the images I hope finds its way into the magazine. Secretly, it’s a portrait of Jenny but of course, we would never be so bold as so do an obvious portrait of the author. So, here’s a picture of the mirror on the wall and sweet Jenny sipping tea.


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