Observations Of Small Town Living (OOSTL)

Moose are 1500 pounds of sneaky beast. You never know when one has decided to pop up on you.


These shots were taken from Jenny’s office window. Below is a larger shot of them trimming out bushes. Mostly this means less yard work for me. By the way, the tender twigs of certain bushes are all I ever see them eating. Their digestive system must have a grinder in it somewhere.

(click to enlarge)

When you look at them doing normal moose stuff, they look like very tall, yet docile creatures. If you’re ever this close to a mother moose with her baby near by, you’re probably looking at the last thing you’ll ever see until you wake up in the hospital. I had quite a fright the other day when I was in the back of our property clearing logs. I’d been working for about 5 minutes when I saw a moose head rise up out of some brush about 30 feet away from me. It was definitely the smaller calf in the picture above. There are only two explanations for a moose being there. 1) It was sleeping or 2) It was playing another funny practical moose joke on me. While #1 seems logical, I suspect the latter.

I didn’t take any time to think about this before I was running back to the house. The next day when we saw the two moose I realized that momma was likely not far away. Thankfully, I lived to tell about our neighbors here in this very small town.

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