11-stitches for Thomas

While hopping out of a friend’s boat, I slipped on caught his leg on a hook used to tie the boat up. The thing that made this rather dramatic is that the hook wasn’t sharp. It was blunt and so the injury was more of a tear. The doctor sewing it up said it was the nastiest injury today. While waiting for hours in the ER I had enough time to sneak in the bathroom and get a quick picture. Sorry it’s not too clear but then again, you don’t really want to click on the image below to enlarge.

(sorry they’re blurry so you can’t get the full effect, it’s hard to take pictures under your leg while standing in a hospital bathroom, trust me):




I’m really sorry if this grosses you out. I’ll work on my tan this summer and not have that gross pasty white skin by fall… I mean the season “fall” not the next accident.

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