Everyone’s a winner

Our local newspaper lays claim to 18 awards a newspaper contest


Anyone reading this knows better. I’m sure the staff works really hard. The joke is the “best product possible”. The Daily wanna-Bee took home 18 awards that ran the gamut from headline writing, sports coverage, photography and finally, reporting on the “juvenile detention facility dilemma” (their words, not mine). There were only several newspapers in the competition. The Daily Beest took home 18 awards. You do the math — everyone went home with an award for something. I’d like to suggest and award for the use of the smallest type, ceativest spelling, and biggest coloring contest image (rather than providing news).

Many people here belittle the Bee as garbage. We however, faithfully subscribe to the only paper in town that won 18 awards and is published by David Keyes that is the only paper in town.

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